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  • FutureViolinist 1 month ago

    You rock, KLS! Shoot the lights out for me, girl!

  • iVince905 1 month ago

    Searches Breanna Stewart on Youtube ends up finding a babe who plays ball

  • wild13woman 1 month ago

    smoothest shooter.

  • Jo Jones 1 month ago

    She's really cute!

  • jazzfan707 1 month ago

    I am a big to see you're a Bird fan….and yes, your 3-point shot reminds me of Bird….Keep up the good Work…you and your teammates are inspiring to watch!

  • Ben Foshager 1 month ago

    Am a fan. Keep up the hard work.

  • Joel Watson 1 month ago

    I wonder when Larry will show up to cheer her on?

  • jtoddjb 1 month ago

    Larry Bird. That surprised me. I hope to see Bird's intensity and hustle from this kid. It will make the difference in her career because she does have all the tools.

  • hugo valentin 1 month ago

    When does the season start… Would like to go watch the team