3 SICK Crossover Moves! How To: Best Basketball Moves – NBA Ankle Breakers | Snake

SICK Crossover Moves! How To: Best Basketball Moves – NBA Ankle Breakers | Snake

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There’s 3 sick crossover moves in this video: the Clash Cross, the Crafty Cross, and the Clip Cross.

These are some of the best basketball moves to get past your defender, create space and even get some ankle breakers!

What makes these moves great to learn is that they help you think outside the box a little bit.

Typically players think of the between the legs dribble in one or two different ways.

This video shows you that you can do the between the legs dribble in a TON of different ways by switching up your footwork.

Most of the best NBA ankle breakers come from exactly that – footwork.

So when you think of basketball crossover moves, try not to just think of them in terms of what you’re doing with the actual dribble…

Also think about what you’re doing with your feet!

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